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Hi, I'm Ericka Smith, the founder and majic behind Organizing Jeanie!  I am a native of Tuscaloosa, AL but call Georgia home.  

Organizing is!!


I have been creating majical spaces for friends and family for years just for fun. Once a friend asked me to help with her spaces and she insisted on compensating me.  At that moment, I realized I should turn my enthusiasm for organizing into a business. Making spaces majical is something that comes naturally to me but I never considered doing it professionally.  Organizing Jeanie was birth in the Fall of 2020.  


I am here for the mother, wife, aunt, sister, daughter, grandmother, godmother, who needs help with spaces in her home (or office) that have gotten out of control.  I am also here for the father, dad, grandfather, uncle, and brother who needs help as well!


When I am not organizing, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband Robert and my children Chloe and Connor.  Summer nights, facials, classy cocktails, stiletto heels, a fresh manicure, a good book, the beach, hiking, and seafood dinners are just a few of my favorite things.


I look forward to making your spaces majical!

Meaning Behind Organizing Jeanie


Growing up my older sister Yolanda was always SO organized. Her things were never out of place.  I watched her for years meticulously care for her things no matter what they were.  Soon I began to emulate her love for organization and I have been this way since then.  Taking a space that is in disarray brings me so much joy to restore order to it.  It is calming to me.  It excites me.  This excitement and joy has led me to wanting to help others put the "majic" back into their spaces.  When you have clean and organized physical spaces, your mind is clear which frees you up to focus on other things in your life.



I wanted my logo to be something meaningful and special.  I wanted it to represent my expertise in regards to organizing spaces. The "O" represents clients stuck in a continuously cycle of clutter, disarray, and an overabundance of "stuff".  The "J" represents a clear path forward, a way out, and an uncomplicated system of how to become and STAY organized.  

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